C1單細胞 基因製備系統
Single-Cell Gene Expression, mRNA sequencing, miRNA analysis, Somatic DNA Sequencing



藉由拋棄式微流道晶片針對單一細胞進行獨立分離,單一細胞於晶片中可完成lysisRNA purificationReverse transcriptionpre-amplify,最後將單一細胞之終產物流放之單一細胞槽中,可回收做進一步分析


晶片之應用包含DNA Seq, mRNA SeqmRNA Seq HT。針對不同細胞大小可選擇5–10µm,10–17 μm, 17-25µm三種不同的晶片。


C1 chip for DNA sequence

C1 chip for mRNA sequence


C1™ Single-Cell Auto Prep System Technical Overview

C1™ Single-Cell AutoPrep Array™ IFC Workflow

Gene Expression

mRNA Sequening

miRNA Analysis


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