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Fluobeam® is a range of systems for in vivo fluorescence imaging. It provides real time images and videos of fluorescent signals in living animals, for non-invasive imaging, surgery or dissection (intraoperative imaging), for small and large animals. Its design makes it uniquely compact, flexible and sensitive, and well adapted to laboratory research studies. Fluobeam® is compatible with a wide range of fluorescent probes, for different research areas.


n   High sensitivity

n   Great flexibility with the open space design

n   Works with white light

n   Records in real time images and videos

n   Easy to install, to use, to move

Fluobeam® available in different versions: 

n   700 or 800 for near infrared fluorescence,

n   500, 600 or 650 for visible-range fluorescence

Mouse lungs after IV injection of a fluorescent agent

Lymph nodes in nude mouse after local injection of fluorescent agent

Non-invasive imaging of mouse femoral arteries vascularization