MRS Benchtop preclinical PET/MR
Cardiac and Respiratory applications (e.g. gated and non-gated)
Neurology (e.g. brain Imaging, perfusion and biodistribution)
Oncology (i.e. tumour imaging)
Much more…


Benchtop pre-clinical PET/MR

PET in the magnet bore or stand alone desk top operation for true one space 

The Benchtop PET/ MR 160 provides high spatial resolution for simultaneous PET/MR imaging within MR Solutions Cryogen free, 3 Tesla MRI imaging system or as a standalone benchtop module for PET only image acquisition. This allows easy multi modality operation to be achieved.

SYSTEM Architecture and content
The PET system architecture uses MR compatible solid state detectors. These are close coupled to an ASIC to multiplex the data onto one output.

Presenting the world’s first cryogen-free, pre-clinical benchtop PET/MRI system
•  Simultaneous PET/MR
•  Compact and light – 220kg 
•  Cryogen free superconducting magnet
•  Simultaneous PET/MR imaging on the same animal – may be installed in close proximity
   to other modalities such as SPECT and X-ray CT
•  Molecular imaging with high spatial resolution and superior soft tissue contrast
•  Perfect for transgenic mouse and for rat studies
•  Operates at variable field strengths (0.1T to 3.0T)